When is the "right time" to buy a car?

So what you thought was going to be $3,600 down, and turns out it's more towards $6,000 down. And that's when the distrust happens because the customer is at the dealership. The dealership is assuming you knew this, you didn't know this. You feel like you're getting a bait and switch, but everything is literally there in black and white. Yes, there are some dealerships that are very shady. Trust me. I've worked at some and I did not like it

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Deborah Pardes
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But you're right, there is a sleazy part of buying a car. And I'm wondering what's that about, because I feel like people are drawn to this industry who really like the whole game of it. And as a woman, a single woman going into these places in the past, I've definitely felt like, oh, my God, I should have come with a dude. Talk about sleaziness connected to sexism, connected to women in the business. What's going on there?
Mabel Peralta
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So again, it all depends on the brand, the dealership culture, and obviously where the dealership is located. Now, I know that within the walls of automotive industry, a lot of dealers right now are trying to change the culture, and they're trying to change the way the consumer looks at going into a dealership. One good thing that came out of COVID is that consumers actually now had not the upper hand, but they got to dictate exactly how the sale was going to be