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Lavonda Hitchens
@lyhitchens · 5:00

Living in California ( the Realest)

Very less than that. But I still make a good living. I still do my part. I still pay my taxes. I really believe that the rent should go by your income, and I shouldn't have to have 17 times the rent. I'm just not oh, it's so sad for me. It but I'm coming to you from the real because I'm the realest. I will chat back again. Peace, everybody

#the Realest

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:53


Levanda. There's nothing more real than the feeling of instability and assessing, like a situation with such a raw accounting where you say, okay, I can't afford this anymore. And it feels raw and it feels unfair, and it feels like you're finding more words to describe your experience with the grace of accepting it in some ways. But also by sharing it, you're showing the reality of inflation and just the disparity of income. And it's devastating
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