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Put your Armor Down - Freeze & Flow sometimes

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Freezing here means taking a pause, remaining calm, and not immediately reacting to a conflict or a challenge. It allows for introspection, gathering one's thoughts and considering the potential consequences before taking action. This approach can help prevent impulsive or heated responses that might escalate the situation. The second one is flowing. Flowing involves adapting and going with the natural course of events rather than resisting or fighting against them. It means being flexible, open minded and willing to adjust our plans or perspectives based on the circumstances

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Rajasekaran Thiagarajan

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Okay this situation maybe what I want to tell is something we have to adopt and practice and we should have some mentor as well as that or otherwise I have to listen these type of advices suggestions what it? May be from you. And let me know further how to practice. What are the things I have to adopt? Please let me know, because I also got exited or became anxiety in some situations
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First, to anything that we want to change, we should first be aware of it and be willing to change it. Once you have these two things clear, what is that you want to change and be willing to make that change, then the other things become easier. Then we can gather knowledge, then we can talk more about how do I get help, how do I implement, how to keep myself motivated, those kind of things. But awareness of which emotion of mine is impacting me mostly
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Welcome to Swell!

Rajasekaran Thiagarajan
Okay so nice tips you have given me and also I would like to follow you in all the social medias wherever you are available and I will subscribe to that. So expecting more tips from you and we will have contacts regularly. Thank you very much. Have a great day. Thank you. Bye
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@RAJASEKARAN My name is Ariana. @Aishani can help you navigate through this app. She is from team Swell.

Hello, Raj. Shakerin. Thank you so much for your response. Just a small correction. My name is Ariana and I have tagged Aishani, who is basically from Teamswell, so she can help you with navigating through this app and the topics that you can choose to speak on on this particular app. And yes, of course, you're welcome to follow us
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