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#AskSwell What belief system will you adopt today?

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You. Hello, my swell family. Welcome to love, live, learn once again And I'm Ariana. I am here with one more beautiful, motivational and inspiring quote for you today. So let's go with this. If you believe it will work out, you will see opportunities. If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles. Life is an opportunity to express your unique gifts and talents. One can make the most of it by being optimistic and seeing opportunities all around oneself

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Kadambari Gupta
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Our trust is broken, our confidence is shaken. But God always sends his angels to help us. So I adopt this belief system that opportunities are going to be there and I have to focus on the positives in life and move ahead no matter what, how strong the past is. But to move ahead in life and with all the lessons that I have learned from what happened in the past, move ahead with a positive mind that all is going to be well
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Hi Kadambari. That is such a powerful belief system and such an effective one, I must say. You know, the fact that you are believing in your own self, your own ability and focusing on that, you spoke about two very beautiful and powerful things. One is the law of abundance. You know, you're focusing on the law of abundance or the principle of abundance. That means there is enough for everyone and everyone can win and everyone can better
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