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#PrideMonth Pride Community & Mental Wellness - Part 1

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The Pride community has had a treacherous path behind them. As their struggles come to light, so do their hidden emotions and feelings. The impact of mental health stigma can be particularly significant within this community. Many individuals within the community face unique challenges and stresses, including discrimination, prejudice and societal pressures. The stigma surrounding mental health can further compound these difficulties. Due to societal attitudes and biases, the Pride community may feel reluctant to seek help or disclose their mental health struggles

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Challa Sri Gouri
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Hello. Thank you so much for this wonderful swell. Because this is something we all need to understand. We all need to follow at every point of time. We need to understand that everyone are equal. And the moment we start recognizing and realizing this fact and moving along with that, everything will change. And we'll live in a happy and great society, I believe. Thank you
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