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#PrideMonth Pride Community & Mental Wellness - Part 2

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Hi and welcome back to La VLAN. It is Pride Month and we will continue to remind you about the rights and the support the Pride community requires. LGBTQIA plus mental health is a collective responsibility ability where understanding and acceptance paves the way for brighter futures and authentic lives. The intersectionality of being both right community member and having a mental health condition can create complex challenges. The individuals of this community may face rejection or misunderstanding from their own community and even families, which can add to their feelings of distress

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Sushma Shree Asthana
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Then can we think like this that the treatment that we give to those people can give them trauma and depression. Yeah. And moreover, whenever I have spoken on this topic, I have gotten one question that says, do you belong to this community? I'm like, no, I wouldn't want to answer that question. Even if I belong to the community, and even if I don't belong to the community, that question is not related to what I'm speaking on Live
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Let’s Begin Being Human First

Whether it is caste, creed, our sexual identity, who we choose to love, where we are, whether we are thin, fat, whether we are dark skinned or light skinned, irrespective of whatever we are, we are all human beings. And if we all came to that one small realization that every single human being deserves respect and every single human being must choose to first treat others as human beings, then I think we have more than half of the battle one
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There's more and more layers when you add that, that just increases their susceptibility to a mental health disorder. Tenfold. Like, it just increases. And then when you look at the impact it has on an individual within that community itself, within them being, it's not just LGBTQIA overall. Like when you look at what happens to gay men, when you look at what happens to bisexual individuals, and when you look at transgenders, it's all independent and it's all individual
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You. Hi, Keith. Thank you so much for such detailed inputs around the impact of mental health on the Pride community. I somehow missed this response of yours. Missed replying to this response of yours. And we, I think, missed it completely. So informative and it is sad and it is so astounding to hear that the chances of someone in a minority community, in Pride community and so many other layers can have double or triple chances of mental health concerns as compared to any one of us
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