Life in 16 oz.

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Episode 24 - We Physically Can & Virtually Run!

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Deborah Pardes

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"…Hey, it's great to see you here talking about your latest and greatest. For some reason, the audio didn't play, so it's just like a little and that's it. So just heads up on that. And really nice to hear what you're doing, though. We physically can I'm reading your I'm looking at your picture. It's really interesting. Hopefully you'll record again so we can hear your voice.…"

What did you say? 😜


Life in 16 oz.

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"…Not sure what happened with that first one there. Well, Swellers. This episode was a lot of fun to record. We spoke with aluminum Angels who have revolutionized the way that craft breweries get their product out in stores. These guys come in with a mobile Canning line and just do the product right there in these craft brewery places and they can get it out into the stores. That's why you see so many aluminum cans out there today with these smaller craft breweries. Again, massive game changer.…"

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phil spade

@Phil · 1yr ago · 0:25

"…This sounds super interesting and I have so many questions. So I'm gonna go to the podcast and listen. But that does sound like an absolute game changer. If you can come in mobiley and then produce cans for any microbrewery just sounds like an amazing business model. So can't wait to check it out. A lot of questions. Hopefully they're all answered here. If they're not, I'll come back.…"


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