I guess people who have composted before swell kind of know what to mention based on prior experience, so hopefully someone has done it before, but I'm excited to do it and hopefully be able to mix it into the soil in my garden and help that out and then also sort of relieve some pressure off of our trash can because there are seven of us

Starting to compost for the first time and am open to any suggestions! #food #sustainability #compost #garden

Chloe Kaminskas
@chlomonsta · 3:30
We had holes in the bottom, but then we also had kind of a dish underneath that would collect the worm pee and that was so good for our flowers. It was crazy good for the roses. And so that was kind of like a cool thing. I think in the beginning though, you should honestly add holes in the bottom to start with so the worms can come up and then you should periodically switch out the soil so that the worms are coming to the top
Jack .
@zejacques · 2:13
Hey, Kyle. Dude, what's up? Great. Swell. And Chloe brought some good knowledge to it as well. I think it's really cool that you're composting, and I think it's really cool that young people are just honored and taking control of their lives and and imagining futures that maybe previous generation didn't get the ball rolling on
Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 2:09
You don't have enough brown leaves in the fall. Get as many brown leaves as you can in there, even more than you think. I've been trying to put in four times the volume of brown as I do green and even said the composting is pretty slow. I happen to use worms rather than heat. I think if you get the mix of brown and green, heat will be faster. But with my worms, I harvest compost about twice a year
Kyle Crossman
@kylecrossman · 3:32


I can try and give that to some plants that we have around in the backyard, and maybe that'd be crazy. And they'd love it. But let me know if you've started yours. Hopefully we can compare a little bit, and then I can make some modifications as well. But it's going well for me so far. It just has to dry out that's mean thing. Thanks for your response
Kyle Crossman
@kylecrossman · 1:23


Hey, Jack, thanks so much for your response. I kind of definitely sort of realized, like, as you were saying, I think it's great that you said, like, remember, it's just a natural process, because it totally is, and it's been, like, working on all right. My reply to Chloe, though, I think I realized my compost is a bit too wet right now
Kyle Crossman
@kylecrossman · 2:19


Tim. Thank you so much for the advice. Unfortunately, I got your swell your reply just a little too late because I have you called it. I have way too much green waste in my in right now, and it's just a bit too wet. So I've been turning it really frequently to try and get that top layer that's exposed to the air to really dry out and then mix it up. And I've been adding a bit more brown material
Jack .
@zejacques · 2:11


It wasn't like following any process, it was more just like some people cook with a specific recipe, I like to do that, but other people just go off peel and if both methods work, that's kind of what she was doing. And then when we were using it, kind of just chucking it on the top of the garden. But we weren't growing proper food, so, again, there wasn't any need to make sure it was all mixed in