What I learned from Tony Robbins about fitness coaching.

I don't care how hard it is. I'm going to commit myself. I don't care that I didn't do it before. I don't care that I started the gym and stopped. And it's that state of determination, that mental state, where you're going to take action and you take those small steps every day and you do those things that you need to do that's going to allow you to be successful

How Tony’s story, state, and strategy message made me a better fitness coach! www.bodysport.com #fitness #health #coaching weight loss #exercise

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 1:08
Hey, welcome to swell. I really, really like this idea of the state of kind of nurturing a state and doing that through stories that makes a lot of sense. It feels like a very human and emotional approach to things, which is really refreshing. But, yeah, that's how I feel. I feel like that's how I feel about routine, for example. I feel like that's the kind of thing I rely on for my state of confidence and energy to tackle new things
Kevin Myles
@kevinbodysport · 1:20


Hi Ro, thank you so much for responding and I'm glad you found that helpful and in line with what you already know to be working for you. It's great to hear your insights on that. So I really appreciate you replying and thank you so much for that. And also, if you haven't seen much Tony Robbins, or even if you have, he's actually having a free virtual workshop starting January the 25th. I think it goes for three days