Do you still get your vehicle repaired at dealerships?

Thanks for tuning in. This is my first swell episode, or audio clip, whatever you want to call it. I want to start an actual podcast, but this is my first attempt to try and get out there, because the actual podcast is going to be with another co worker. But I want to go over, when it comes down to the automotive fields and the service departments, why People Stop Using Dealership as time goes on

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Marley Musarra
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So that is why I have continued to go to the dealership whenever possible, unless I'm in a place that literally doesn't have one, because it's that rural, which has been the case. And then I just save paperwork. But yeah, good question. Curious to see where this conversation goes
Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Kevin, thanks for this question. I hope you get the replies you're looking for. I look forward to your swell cast with multiple voices, too. Working with somebody else to create the content. It's really a cool way to do it. Okay. I do not use dealerships if I'm leasing. Of course I do, because it's all part of the lease
Kevin Beltran
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Hey, first off, let me say thank you for responding to my swell. I used to do something when it comes to buying parts directly from manufacturers or from third parties. I used to buy cars at auction, get them fixed and resell them. But there was a downfall. This could go based off tech, ignition or mechanic shopper, wherever you take your vehicle. But if I brought a part that they did not sell, they would not warranty or guarantee anything from that part
Kevin Beltran
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So if I'm out there for a while because I work from home, I might go visit my grandparents or something and stay there for a couple of weeks. And it's easy because I walk into a dealership, they already have everything. They know my car's history. They know how many miles, what was done to it. I'm not trying to play catch up or explain what was done or doing any type of research and looking for old paperwork
Mabel Peralta
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There are ways to get around this whole, like, it's getting too expensive. But for the most part, if it's a newer car so if it's like a 2016 or newer again, these cars are giant computers, and some of these independent techs are not certified to deal with these cars. So you may want to really do your research thoroughly before you drop off 2017 17 BMW to an independent dealer because it may or may not work in your favor. I hope that helped. Thanks