Star Mindset 101: From attracting to BEING

What do I want to put my creative energy into? Is a really different question with probably some really different answers than am I singing the right thing? Am I singing to the right people? Am I singing at the right places right now for myself personally, when I started thinking about this, it opened up this whole other world that I started to go into, where I started to look at performance, energetics Chakra systems. I started delving into yoga and meditation and my own spirituality much deeper

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:17

Welcome the voice of your Voice!

And only now in my later years as a human who does all sorts of things, I just check in with myself when I say, wow, am I making sure that I'm opening up all my shutters so that my light can shine out? And that my happiness that I have for that moment is shining out and all the other emotions that are coming in in that given moment