What is hot honey? 🍯🌶️

Let the chili flakes infuse into the honey, then strain the honey through a fine mesh sieve. It's really that easy. So you can make your own. What do you do with it? Well, the first thing I would recommend doing, trying a little bit on your pizza. Yes, I'm that crazy. Try some hot honey on your pizza because you have the smoothness of your cheese. You might have some of that spicy pepperoni, and then you have the dryness of the crust
Deborah Pardes
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I'm on board with this. It's good. This one's very hot, but it's very cool. It's even good on a little aude. You take a cracker, you spread some really thick Lebna or cream cheese and then you do a squirt of hot honey. Forget it. People freak out