Let us souprise you!

You. Good morning, eaters. It is a beautiful morning in Nashville, Tennessee. Half past 866 degrees, very little humidity. And, oh, my God, I hope it stays this way. How is the weather? Is it warming up where you are? It might still be kind of hot in the in Arizona, New Mexico, in the southwest, but today, right now, it's beautiful. I'm drinking a hot cup of tea and I'm just thinking soup season is coming
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:15


This made me smile so big. Not that I'm looking forward to cold weather, but I love your original tone and voice. Whatever you do is really entertaining. And to answer your question, I'm a huge fan of soup. I'm also somebody who loves the simplicity of soup, so I can make a really complicated kid of soup that has layers of flavor and thickness and deliciousness
Carly D
@Astroality · 0:59
There's this other I make a really good, like, chicken tortilla soup. That is super food that I love. I love a really good broccoli chicken cheddar soup, like potatoes, chicken broccoli and cheddar in a soup. It's super good. And you make it with, like, a homemade bread bowl or homemade garlic bread. Super, super good. Yeah, those are, like, my favorites as far as soups go, and I'll be looking forward to in the next few months
Renee 🪬
@RensLens · 2:02
So I love your suggestions for especially potato and leek soup and FAW. Definitely looking forward to FAW. Have not tried making potato and leek yet, but maybe on your suggestion I will. I'm Italian, so minestrone is a huge fall thing for us in winter with good hard Italian bread to dip with. Also right now, even though it's still pretty hot here in Colorado, I like cold soup too. So gaspacho