Bougie mac and cheese

And there's just, like, butter noodles there. There's mac and cheese there. And I got some Asian flavor type noodles. It's not good food, but it just fills you up. And then my daughter, she looked at the fettuccini Alfredo. So I'm looking at the fettuccini Alfredo. Then I'm looking at the macaroni and cheese. Then I'm looking I'm like, man, fettuccini Alfredo is basically just bougie mac and cheese. It's the Italian mac and cheese

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Carly D
@Astroality · 1:44
I'm not a big fan of the breadcrumbs on mac and cheese, like when people would do, like, a mac and cheese bake. I don't like it with breadcrumbs. Not my thing. But, yeah, I love both, so I'm not going to hate on either one. I love them both. I hope Sydney enjoyed her fettuccini Alfredo. Bye