Playing with your food: Blintz

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I got these frozen and I cook them in a mixture of butter. I basically fry them in butter. The Blints originated from Eastern Europe, from a Jewish community called Ashkenazi. Ashkenazi Jews are from parts of Europe like Poland. And what's now? Austria. Czechoslovakia and Russia. And the Slavic translation is pancake. Since it resembles a pancake, I have like the traditional stuffing, which is like a sweetened cheese

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Leanne Pritchett
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Hey, Jordan. This made me smile today when I saw this. I love Balencies, man. My mom makes them all the time. I gosh, I grew up eating them all different kinds. Cheese, apple, potato, potato. Can't talk today. I even like, it was really cool. My mom, at one point would make something called balenciffle, which is really good. You just make, like, a basic batter that you pour on top of the Balencies. It's
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