What is Allspice?

It is known to help antiinflammatory antibacterial and helps soothe a sour stomach, nausea, menstrual, cramps. Have you used allspice? What are your experiences? Let's talk more about it. What else would you like to know about? Again. My name is Jordan Tepper, and I am the chief confectionery officer of East Tasty Candy Company in Nashville, Tennessee
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:58


Jordan. This is so interesting. I appreciate this so much. I love things that are very specific and niche, and allspice is a very interesting spice because for me, when I use spices like this, I have to be really committed to the spice because it has a threshold. When you pass it, it's not great because it has a really bizarre bitterness to it. There is a combination of spices that I love called baharat, I think. Let me just look this up. Baharat?
Carly D
@Astroality · 1:45
I like to put what I do is I blend the allspice with some fresh pumpkin and make that, like, the filling for my overnight oats with the regular milk, whatever milk I choose to use the oats and then some pecans. That's like, one of my favorite fall ones. It but because I find it also reminiscing of Thanksgiving, Christmas time, I also don't use it all year round. It's like one of my fall spices, if that makes sense. Fall winter spices