Jessica McMillan
@JLMcMillan · 3:03

What music posters were on your wall as a teenager?

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It's Jessaly McMillan, wanting to ask you what was on your wall when you were a teenager. I'm talking about favorite music posters or maybe even concert posters. I wasn't always lucky enough to grab concert posters, but I definitely had my fair share of every other type of poster you can imagine. This is inspired by Exclaim Magazine, one of the remaining print publications on music. It is in Canada, and they have a feature every month where people can share their favorite memory related to music

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Mark Francis Rahaman
@MarkR · 3:16
I also had a picture of Tarzan wrestling with a lion, a big poster. That was when I was really young. But, yeah, up until recently, just now, I still had a framed picture of Elvis in the hall. 50s Elvis. And I've also was given a boxing glove in a frame with Sugary lenses. I'm a boxing coach, by the way, professional boxing coaches. I'm in the fitness industry
Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:05
Alright. Full confession. I was not a music fan in high school, so the only music poster I had on my walls was the album cover to Let it Be by The Beatles, which was put up 1315 years after the album came out. Because it came with the album, right? You unfolded it. It was in the final album folder
Jessica McMillan
@JLMcMillan · 1:03
Thanks so much for your reply. Tim. I love your Repo man poster story. That's great. It's amazing how soundtracks can, you know, really introduce us to a whole world of music, or even sometimes a record of covers. I have a friend who says that the Spaghetti Incident by Guns and Roses. All those covers basically exposed him to all of his favorite bands now. So everyone has to start somewhere that's really cool. And yeah, you've reminded me