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I joined this app to engage in and start meaningful conversations. I speak both Spanish and English fluently. Dual Citizen 🇩🇴🇺🇸

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 4:12
The meaning of childish, acknowledging, and learning from anyone at home and work.

https://bit.ly/2Qapjna #work #parenting #empathy #inclusive #psychology

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 1:54
Homework Effectiveness

Is homework effective? Does it create more stress on the child or parents? Is there a conflict of time for kids today? #family #education #homework

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 1:24
Mask wearing and the Golden Rule

Wearing a mask should be an encouraged personal choice and not discouraged. #empathy #community #thegoldenrule #phylosophy

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 2:02
Did you visit or move to the USA?

What did you see or experience for the first time? #culture #world #travel

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 1:26
Tabs are becoming unresponsive until some or all content is loaded.

I have clicked on a tab by mistake or seen enough and have wanted to switch to another tab or feed, but could not at time.

Ivan Filpo
@ivanf · 4:45
How the pandemic was affected by Skepticism, Cynicism, and Denialism

The pandemic amplified these three responses, but along empathy or lack of it a pandemic fueled. #empathy #community #information #socialissues