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Do you think we are doing enough to stand up for our rights considering what has gone on lately with drag queens, pride events and trans people?

And when this happened, when they made this push against the LGBT community, there was some protest about it, but when push came to shove, the backdown happened and they got their way. So what's next? What's next, I fear, is going to be the rest of us, because we didn't come around drag queens and transgenders enough, you know, because it you know, I talked about this in the last podcast

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Deborah Pardes
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We wake up, we have our responsibilities, we might look forward to the milestones, like you say, of pride and of things that are relevant, but they don't always translate into activism. Sometimes people move in a much more micro scale. But I think that's where the power is. And I think your suggestion really is how are we personally aligning ourselves to these issues?
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You. That was so beautifully said. I think you actually brought some peace of mind to myself about it, about how we can do things in our daily lives, even micro kind of ways of doing it, and even just holding discussions about it. So thanks for your share on that