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Finding Happiness Through Suffering

Now, what I have learned since then, as I've been again, like I said, saying hello to my grief and welcoming it in and getting to understand it more is that when I have finally accepted the truth, when I could actually say the words that my sister died or my sister is dead, instead of replacing it with words of I lost my sister. I experienced this loss, which I still use sometimes, but when I can actually own

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Deborah Pardes
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A human and having that experience of being fully, fully lived into all the emotions and not painting it pretty for the sport of it. Not saying, oh, this is, you know, because your title is very powerful, finding happiness through suffering is a very Buddhist idea. But I think what you're really sparking in me is the power of language around the grieving process, and some of that language could be so transformative. Wow. Thank you so much for this
Andrea Potvin
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And like I said, I'm grieving many things. Where do I start? Which one do I pick? Your loss is so great when you lose a family member. And I appreciate that you have this information out. I do find joy, like you had mentioned, finding happiness through suffering. There's days where I find so much joy and there is no guilt with that. And then there's days where it's like, but I haven't let all this stuff out yet
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I can answer some of the questions here is when people are experiencing multiple losses in their lives and they are grieving all of those losses, it can be hard, it can be confusing, and it's a very common question. So you are not alone. So that's why I said you're doing this absolutely right that there's so many other people that feel like you do. So I want to validate everything that you said, everything. And which one do you pick?