What is exposure? Is it taking Glorified field trips in the last period when you're on court 82 mixtape with the likes and Views Camping showcase where you're in front of movers and shakers in the industry it's a trusted scout that can connect you directly to a college coach the team with your weaknesses are exposed by you playing too much and being utilized incorrectly plan on the team when you utilize the right way playing a role that features skill setting their tournaments when you're exposed to college coaches what is exposure?

What is exposure in regards to grassroots hoop?

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:55
Interesting question to ask when a lot of us just saw the film about Venus and Serena's father and how he chose to keep him out of the Junior League even though it would have been a ton of exposure, that he didn't want to wear them out. So he grew them up as awesome players, and then he just pulled them out, had them do their own thing, and then they came out in the pros