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Memory lane

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This is just an amazing thing I'm experiencing. I am back looking at my childhood stuff. My mom passed, and so I'm just going through everything, and I am so blessed to have had the most incredibly creative African South African nanny who was really a mum to me. And Macy france was her name, and she was with me ever since I was born, until I immigrated. And every birthday, she used to make us these incredible dolls, these rag dolls

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Oh, my God. Ruthie, these are just please continue posting. I feel like the life journal aspect of this is so important because you're capturing not just the past, but you're capturing who you are now and your reaction and your response. And I happen to be sitting next to your very, very lovely husband. Just something to say to your wife. Well, Ruthie, you did send them to me. It's a private text. And they are just phenomenal
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Ruth, what a beautiful post you've made about these incredible dolls. They depict so much of love and affection that Nanny must have had for you. It is great of you that you've preserved this symbol of love. As you know, these days, handmade gifts and small gestures of love are rarely admired. So thanks once again for bringing this here, and you've made my day. Thank you, Ruth
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Thank you so much for that wonderful, sweet reply from you for appreciating that post. I know now it's a long time ago, and I actually am just revisiting it with a friend of mine who's visiting La. I'm back here, and it's just so lovely to hear your voice, all of your voices above here appreciating Macy's gift me
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