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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 4:05

New York Governor Won’t Ban Trick-or-Treat

article image placeholderNo COVID-Ban on Trick-or-Treat
I think Halloween you have to be cautious. So we'll see how that works. Bit of news here from the Southern tier of upstate New York I'm going to go finish my coffee here and get going and get my day started. You all have a good one. Live life, heft Fun Ciao For now, as always. Peace

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Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 2:04
I have to wonder if this isn't just gonna end up like the movie theaters. People wanted movie theaters open, and then they reopened them. And apparently no one's going. So maybe Trick or Treat will be able to happen. But will anybody go and will anybody answer their door? I guess that's what it really comes down to. It seems to be in a lot of cases that people like the idea of their freedom. But then they like vocally. They say these things
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phil spade
@Phil · 2:10
Well, my daughter's older now and she won't be trick or treating. But, you know, I don't think I have an issue with trick or treating. That being said, if a kid comes up to my stoop looking for candy and his coffee and all over the place, I'm going to be pessimistic p*****. I will be p*****. I won't pull any punches there, but I think they're outside
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