Hello. Hey, everyone. I want to perform a little thought experiment here. I just got to thinking about this the other day, and what I want you to do is I want you to think back to a time in your life, whether it was a good event or a bad event, and tell me which of those events could have been improved with the presence of alcohol. In one of my earlier posts, I was discussing with someone how we consume alcohol to celebrate and to mourn

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I think there's also times when maybe people do it for other reasons to numb oneself, maybe. And sometimes we need a brief moment to breathe or quote, unquote, escape that numbness can offer for a brief time, right? I mean, I think it all depends on why someone drinks. It the definition of quote unquote improve and one specific wiring. Because again, for me, even caffeine helps to slow my brain down so I can think more clearly
Deborah Pardes
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I think we need people that are open and cool and relaxed and most of all, present. So I think but with alcohol, you might not be present. So that my my I'm predisposed to the idea of people being present. Now, sometimes for me, like having a shot of tequila before something celebratory or difficult even, I'm like, that's the perfect thing for me, because it does, quote, take an edge off
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Antionette Wiggins
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Know who you are with

Because I've been around all my life people who drink alcohol but I also know who I should have in my zone by learning. A person who knows how to control their alcohol, when you don't know someone and they drink beyond their point. I could put myself in a dangerous situation because I've been there, gone out with a guy, went on a date and he was a drinker. I'm not a drinker, have I had a glass of wine throughout my life?
Mike W
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You understand what I'm saying? Somebody that has a problem with alcohol can help. Somebody that does have an alcohol problem, but there's really no need to try to ban a substance that we got. Mike much more bigger fish to fry with Opiates and everything else, it's not like Opiates is taking the attention away from alcohol. Alcohol was here before opiates. It won't be after Opiates and anything else that comes along. But me, I worry about myself. That's what I do