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You. Hello there. I'm the host of Sigma Land. Enes Pierre. I just wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself and the show. Basically this show would be me talking about all things related to being a sole role of Sigma Gamma Row sorority. I joined Sigma Gamma Row for of 2022 graduate chapter on the great southern University of New Orleans campus. And in the chapter of Epsilon Sigma. My line name is Oracle and my number is number eight

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Hey, can you tell me about the origins of this organization? Is it tied to one organization, one university, or is it nationwide? And some of the rituals that keep you tied to it, what the power of community means to you by being a member of this organization. Because I would love to know the context, the history, and the meaning moving forward in this time and your plans to share this format with people so they can actually join this conversation. Is there a national newsletter?
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