You. Well, I bet you thought those three little words were going to be I love you. Well, to someone who's neurodivergent those three little words, and not in a good way, but probably some of the worst words that you can possibly hear are was just I was just trying to help. I was just trying to do something for you. I was just this, I was just that

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Renee 🪬
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But it's this philosophy and theory that people with ADHD are overly sensitive to rejection in a nutshell. And I had mentioned in the comments on Facebook of this post that it was ableist and discriminatory to claim that any marginalized group of people that is being actively discriminated against in this country to suggest that they are sensitive to rejection when they are still being actively rejected in our culture
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Hey, Dr. G. This is such a powerful sort of reminder that framing is there's two parts to this. I guess the framing is the reflection of saying, I was just but also the behavior that precedes that, which is a behavior that diminishes somehow the the person you're you're you're engaging with
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I know that Christine, and I hope she's listening to this listened to a podcast here on Swell that was done by a life coach that suggested that her neurodivergence, that is considered a mental illness still, unfortunately, was the result of unresolved trauma and the mismanagement of her emotions and putting it all on that individual that has been labeled as deficient. And now they are the ones responsible for their so called deficiency
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S and one I thought of I've been a music producer for a number of years, I play a number of instruments, I did a lot of video audio production and I had to deal with a lot of fragile musicians, I guess, in other words, is divas with headphones on. As I'm talking to them in the headphones and thinking, how do I explain to them that that track really sucked without having them break down in Learn or storm out of the studio?
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Hey, how you doing? So I caught your phrase out of your whole reply. What struck me was neurodivergence still be being considered a mental wellness. And I think the response is especially for someone who's A, ASD neurodivergent awkwardgenius. And I think the awkward comes from, one, having a sky high IQ, but two, from being kind of neurodivergent as well. I don't think we're the ones with the mental illness

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It's funny, though, that it's described as communication deficiencies and so on. However, we do so much that is not even recognized and understood. And if you put us with a group of neurodivergent individuals, we have no problems communicating. But anyway, I'm a little all over here, but lots of thoughts


And it's very difficult for me to see something being done inefficiently or to have something expressed and to not employ my skill base, which I do, because I listen so closely. I am not imposing. I am listening to what's been shared, and my language is to be useful or helpful. Unless it's an area about which I know, obviously, nothing, I say so, or if it's just something that's like, yay, let's cheer and celebrate