India vs Pakistan! Who will win today?

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But through this well, today I want to ask that yes, we are definitely keeping our sportsman spirit ahead. But deep down, are we also having respect for the dignity of the life of people there? It is not about India versus Pakistan, a big propaganda thing. But it is about respecting the dignity of each life. Whether it is Pakistan, whether it is Bangladesh. I know we have very emotions towards this particular match

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Nikkeita Sharrma
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Hi, Dr. Archer. Rightly. So who isn't excited about today, about this weekend? Because India is facing Pakistan, the mother of all the rivalries. And I am super excited too, of course, because Hindustani so I also want India to win. I'm sure most of us want India to win, but let's let's keep our fingers crossed. I just checked the scoreboard and we are 63 for three. We are three down. We've lost Rohit, Kohli and Shreya sayer
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