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You. Hi, everyone. So I want to ask this question that I recently got my kidney transplant done and I want it's been three months actually, and I want to start with my fitness journey, though I am not allowed very heavy exercise, but I'm still trying to manage to walk 10,000 steps a day, but I want to increase it

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Gaurav Chauhan
@DeoPrakashYoga · 1:29

Yoga se hoga #yoga

Hello namushkarachalji miranam gaurav chauhan or make yoga therapist home mere kal sato you know yogur adharith abhyas or Veraghe abhas or veragay means you know GAPKI practice or a kafka detachment tika. This is what yoga tells you and this is what it does. So miracle sagarab indochi zoko practice kara and yogi dapko baharbinijana. All you need is a mat or wobbinaihe on the floor hannah or just start with a prayer where you move your joints
Nikkeita Sharrma
@Natureadds · 4:51

Break all the shackles our mind creates.. #fitness #fitrahokhushraho #mentalchallenges #isolation #motivation

Hello, Dr. Aanchal. Thank you so much for inviting me to this beautiful prompt. I know it's very personal to you. And first off, I would like to congratulate you for coming out loud about your fitness, about your health, and about the challenges that you are facing and how important it is for you to out of it