3 Herbal Teas to Drink to Get Your Glow On

Cassandra here. And are you looking for a healthy, youthful way to get glowing skin? Here are three herbal teas that can help. Did you know chicheno Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years? TCM has been used to naturally enhance the skin and overall wellness for a very long time. When it comes to cultivating beautiful skin, chrysanthemum tea is great for reducing inflammation and retinas and irritation. Not to mention it's naturally toffee and free and super refreshing

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And so one of my favorite ones is the dandelion root. And we usually typically think of this plant or herb as a weed, and it's actually incredibly helpful in supporting that system as well. So it's one of my favorite Lymph movers, and cleavers is another one very common around here in the Bay Area, around me, especially. Going up in Northern California, like above, north of the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll see a lot of cleavers