How Deep is Your Love ? ( thank you BeeGees)

She's got a beautiful family and I just was struck by her site on Facebook and the work that she does with a company called Sole Practices. And I'll leave that URL here but for everybody to join Terry Griffin Williams in this conversation about love. And Terry, thank you so much for being with us and for being an active part of so many people's lives to nurture that conversation that is so important, which is how do we create a life that is filled with love?

Loving ourselves to love others .. welcome Teri - #brenebrown @TeriWilliams

Theresa Williams
@TeriWilliams · 2:25
And one of the quotes that came up that really set an example of my life was owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do. Loving, loving ourselves to love others. Nothing narcissistic about it. And there is no one that teaches us more about loving ourselves. Vulnerability, compassion, curiosity than Brene Brown. So thank you so much for inviting me here today, Deborah. And I love this conversation. I love love
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:23


And does it feel to you that there's a time in your life where you kind of had that AHA moment? I'd love not to get too personal, but as personal as you can get. Was there a time when you weren't loving yourself to love others and you were sort of caught in sort of this spiral where you just didn't hold on to that language of self love?
Darrisha Daniel
@Dee94 · 2:17


But I'm thinking in regards to romantic love and I think that for me, the relationships that I have had and have been able to cultivate in this way, it's very much so been because not saying that I'm perfectly in love with myself, but it's always been because the other person has some sort of insecurities about themselves or something that they don't really appreciate about themselves, that the relationship fails ultimately because we're not both in tune with ourselves in the way that we should be before we give ourselves to each other, if that makes sense
Theresa Williams
@TeriWilliams · 0:38
Wow. Dee, thanks for your insight. It sounds like you have worked through some really big things in your life at such a young age. So kudos to you. And it's nice to hear that you're in a good place as of today because you're right. Valentine's Day can be a little traumatic for some people, especially for those who have recently moved out of a relationship. Keep going
Darrisha Daniel
@Dee94 · 0:27
Thanks, Terry. I appreciate the acknowledgement of me moving through these things in life, in power, and trying to cultivate certain things within myself. I thank you for acknowledging that. Yeah, definitely excited to kind of hear whatever you have to post on Slow. Welcome to the community. And, yeah, I look forward to sharing future conversations
Theresa Williams
@TeriWilliams · 1:48

Leaning into loving me

Thanks for the questions. Deborah. Where's that bump in my life? To make a long story really short, I grew up in a Tumultuous household and there was a lot of abuse, verbal and physical from a family member. So as I moved through my life, I started using alcohol and drugs as opposed to using love in my life
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:17
I'm so happy that you are where you are and you took that journey and I know so many people can resonate with the bumps along the way. Like I mentioned before, even when you decide to pull yourself out of that, it's not like an overnight thing. But conviction is amazing. And when it is fortified by support from others, there's no stopping people that are meant to rise like you did. It's really inspiring
Angela Copas
@ackenmaramack · 5:00

Betting it all on love

I mean, they should have Valentine's Day, and then they should have couples, Theresa. But I understand why people don't get married now, because when it goes away, it hurts badly, and it just sucks. My husband and I mean, we're still separated. People are calling. I mean, we've had people call for a divorce, and we've had people call for our separation. And people are saying it's not worth it
Emily Paulin
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#lovetherapy #brenebrown #selflove

So I just wanted to take a second and respond to this because I love this quote from Renee Brown because I do believe that it is so incredibly important that we learn to lose love ourselves and to truly be aware of ourselves. First off, to accept ourselves, and then you can learn to love yourself. But you can only do that by truly being vulnerable. And to the last lady that she went on, I'm so sorry that you're going through that
Deborah Pardes
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And I think a chorus of voices here is so necessary to support and lift everybody up who is on the journey to go get help and find some support for what we're going through with a person who was focused and trained. They're never enough support for that. So thank you so much for your comment