When Art inspires Art From Your Heart

So today I really want to talk about how we use art to deal with our emotions and how art the creation of art and the sharing of art. Two very different things, by the way, really are a great way to sort of approach things that are layered and things that need investigation

Do you journal? Share you art and stories with us. Welcome Debbie Bamberger @drDebbieB https://s.swell.life/SSxifDgwHbrFaud #brenebrown

Debbie Bamberger
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Art journaling to Brené

And she and I are doing a collaboration Journal where we each make an art Journal page based on one emotion from Atlas of the heart, and then we make mail the Journal across the country to the other, and then we make a page in the other person's Journal and send it back. It's really great, and it's really wonderful to then have that book with my art and her art in it afterwards
Deborah Pardes
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Wait. That is so unbelievable. And I love the fact that you use the USPS like you actually mail it, and then you have each other's art in each other's journals. And I'm wondering if it's ever going to be one big Journal, but probably not. Right, because that would require you to have one big coffee table with one big Journal on it
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Welcome to Swell!

Debbie Bamberger
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Okay. I am so excited to talk to people about Art Journaling who aren't so familiar with it. So over the years, I tried written journaling many times. And I would write in a Journal for about a week week. And then I'd give it up. I would forget about it. And then when I would go back and read it later, it was so cringy. But with Art Journaling, I pour my heart out onto the page
Deborah Pardes
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If you're digesting stuff like The Bride Brown content, some of it's so intense, to bring it out into this level is just a brilliant idea. But in matters of the Heart journaling, thank you for kind of giving us a bit of an invitation to do it. I hope you kind of can use this conversation that we started as a place for you to maybe share some images and you could talk through them with us and how you did them
Debbie Bamberger
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Yes, yes, yes. To art journaling with any supplies you happen to have in the house. That's what's one of the great things about it. Of course, I've now accumulated a large amount of art supplies. But but that's just because I want to. I'm new to this platform, as you know. But I'm going to try to post another art Journal page based on a Renee Brown quote. This is fun way to have a conversation, Deborah
Lakshya Kaushik
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I think this is a very interesting topic. And I'd like to know more about art journals and how to start on your own