#PRIDE | The self-inflicted wounds of Budweiser and Disney | by Fabrice Houdart

So for everybody who might not have been aware of what's gone on, can you give us a broad stroke of what's going on with the corporations that are awake enough to use the phrase awake to to bring someone? Like you on to advise them, but yet, in doing so, they're still going to probably have problems because they don't have complete agreement within the organization, which is one of the problems you address


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Um, well, first of all, thank you so much for having me. So, to say a little bit about the organization I created, it's a nonprofit. And really what we focus on, which is really specific, is to try to place senior LGBTQ plus people in the boardroom. And the reason is because the boardroom today is truly, as you know, homogeneous, and very often LGBT people are underrepresented
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They don't help us understand the ripple effect of something that goes wrong, which is, I think, part of the sadness a lot of us are having around the waves of support and then the loss of support, and it sort of comes and goes depending upon what's going on. I wanted to ask you more of a personal question because that's what's so great about conversation. How do you personally find your temperament?
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There was someone I was very close to in the business community that committed suicide, and people were extremely surprised. And I think that the toll of what happens to us in childhood is gigantic, and it will only be over when LGBTQ plus issues are present in the school system. When young children are being told, you're beautiful the way you are, you have nothing to be ashamed of. And that's exactly what Don Feige in Florida and Rhonda Santis are trying to get in the way of
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So I think I'll pause here in terms of this topic around your article, but I just want to thank you for putting some voice behind your work and may this platform be a place where maybe we can meet on other topics. You have now your own platform. You're a swell caster, so you could start a swell. I'll certainly share this out in the world and perhaps we can get more people really speaking their hearts. I think that's missing