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The Constant Becoming of You

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"…But how do you stay in that amorphous space without being uncomfortable? Because people like to put you in boxes, like to say, this person does this, this person does that. And that's good for me to know, but we're more nuanced. We're more nuanced, we're more complicated, we're more beautiful, we're more expansive. So, Jordan, let's kick this conversation off because you and I started it.…"

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J.L. Beasley

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"…And my favorite series on Netflix is you with the character named Joe, and he stalks women enough to the point that they fall in love with him and then he either kills them or kills people that are surrounding them. I believe this show has two series. And so when I saw that it was like the second coming of you or the new release of you or something like that, I was like, you are about to come out again. When? What's the date? What's the date?…"

"…So, yeah, I got to trim down that stomach. So I do need to lose weight. Yeah, I look buff with my shirt on. But once it goes off, I want to get into shape. I want to feel good. I want to start looking good for the ladies. I think we should always try to upgrade ourselves, I don't think we should always get too comfortable and let ourselves go. We should always continue upgrading, even up until our last breath.…"


Joshua Ross

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"…I don't know that it's even been a week yet, but I've gotten here on Swell and it's going great. I'm loving it. I've had an idea in the back of my mind for about three years now to start a foundation. I want to start a nonprofit foundation for those who suffer from mental illness, homelessness and recovering addiction. They have mostly just been overthinking everything, overthinking at all, and second guessing myself, maybe not this, maybe not that will work.…"

Jordan Howard

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"…But listen, if you just want to listen and follow the journey and you'll learn about the work and learn about the path that I've been on through that as well. This conversation of this constant becoming of you is such a dope way for me to be able to say hello to this platform, but to also just invite on this platform to all of us, to continue to just ponder on and continue to keep close to you. Because I feel like that's what life is about.…"

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Deborah Pardes

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"…They charge me up, they get me going, they get me feeling. Especially in the last five decades, music has been part of revolution, it's been part of consciousness, it's been part of the landscape every single day for most people who are trying to figure out what are people thinking and feeling and what's rising to the surface. Where does music fit into your becoming? Where does music inform you? How does it shape your ideas of what's trending and why is it trending?…"

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Welcome to Swell!

Aayan Banerjee

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"…Hey, Jordan. This is Ian. Thanks for sharing your first well, very interesting, very thought provoking. A couple of thoughts of mine which I love to share and it's part of the reflections of the last two years, right? So my thought process is as follows. The answer to questions often leads you to more questions instead of providing answers. Bear with me, it will make some sense. Let me explain.…"

@jordanhoward : the answers to questions leads to more questions than answers!

Jordan Howard

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"…Hey, Ian, you are so right. You're so right. The dichotomy is real. The dichotomy is so real. It exists because you you can you can easily get caught up in that space where you're waiting for for the answers or you just add more questions. And then once you answer, you got more questions and then you still question and you're still in that overthinking fight with yourself or you start a fight with yourself.…"



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