Are You Leveraging Your Awesomeness in Midlife? If not now - when? Here we go!

Wait, I can't handle this because this is way harder than I thought it was. And where are my people and where is this and Where's that I constantly have to take a breath and say, I haven't been asleep, I've been awake. I've been making choices this entire time. And if some of those choices led to things that don't feel good, I have to just stop and gather and identify what's not right and then tweak it

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Midlify is all in the mind. #midlife #beerpodcast #staypositive

And as far as awesomeness is concerned, we are all awesome. For me, I think I'm very awesome when I can go from one start up to the other and I feel that I'm not finished yet. My purpose on this planet is really great and no matter what I'm going to achieve it, it's not about my physical age, although I think that I'm pretty cute out there as well
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Hey, Chadi, I just want to say that you're absolutely right when it comes to defining what midlife is, first of all. And second of all, it's the agreement with yourself that you're awesome and that you have what it takes in any given moment to step into challenges and celebrate yourself. And we have to support each other and we have to say things like this out loud. And I'd love that you just said what you said out loud. Thank you. Bye
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And I looked back, did the math, and indeed, my mom was 55 years old, five months and 21 days old when she lost her life. And it really resonated with me that every day from then on is truly a gift. I mean, it's a gift that my mom didn't get. I have this opportunity to see more things, to do some more things in my life that she never had the chance to do
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But that sense of loss also can be the stillness in that if you can get it to a still place and not a frenetic, fear place, I think in that stillness comes the voices that you mentioned that you had when you were on the beach, like in that stillness, and that quietness comes some direction
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I have a habit of keeping a gratitude Journal by my bed, and I write in it every day at night before I go to sleep. And what I've found that I've really had to rely on in the past couple of years was micro moments because it felt like nothing really large and significant was happening, because there wasn't as much movement in my life or really the lives of many people that I know because of a lot of stalled plans and ideas related to the pandemic halt