Deborah Pardes
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#TellYourStory | Sleeping Under a Starry Sky

And I've done a lot of cool things in my life, but this was one of the most extraordinary evenings of my life, because everything came into focus. And I started realizing that with these kinds of telescopes, you can really see what you've seen in the books. And it was with my eye that I looked up through this lens, and I saw what I had seen for years. And it was right there for me to just drink in. It was so intoxicating

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Adarsh Rai
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@dbpardes Thank you for the invite…

In India, we call our maternal grandparents as Nana. So whenever I used to visit my Nanaji, so he used to sleep outside the house. There was a small cottage which was made of hay and mud, and there was a very big tree outside it, but then it was all open sky apart from it. And every night I used to, alongside him, used to tell me a lot of stories, and he used to lie down and used to look up and the skies were so clear
Brandy Singleton
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If you're not moved by it, then you're not moved by much too distracted by this chaotic world. Stop. Smell the roses. Stop and look. Look up at the starry skies
Deborah Pardes
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Oh, it's so nice to hear these replies. And brandy, it's so moving to hear your way. You drop into that memory and knowing that there's something so awe inspiring when you let it be awe inspiring, and then it becomes inspiration to your own creativity. And I've experienced that as well. It's such a cycle
Ranjana Kamo
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You. Wow, that must have been such an overwhelming experience. I can well imagine, you know, how excited you must have been. You know, I can think of a couple of instances, you know, when I had slept under a starry sky. This is during my childhood at my grandparents home, you know, when there were all these cousins and all of us sleeping under the starry sky. And that's a beautiful experience in itself
Eric Owens
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I have never seen a sky filled like that, edge to edge, no matter what direction you were looking. It was just absolutely incredible. Now, that camping trip. The next day we did go to Mirror Lake, which is across Highway I 90 and a little bit down further down the road. That weekend was very special for me because I got to spend time with my oldest son in the wild, which I had never done
Jason Whitaker
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Kind of like an orchestra of nature looking up at stars, spots of light, of stars that have probably stopped shining. Maybe they have stopped shining by now, since it takes so long for the light to reach us. But thinking about so many things when you're looking up into the mass, the massive expanse, and finding the constellations and even trying to find your. Trying to map out your own constellations using stars
David Norford
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You. Beautiful. Beautiful. Always beautiful. Looking up at the sky, looking at the ocean, looking at the beach. It's always beautiful. Nature has a way of showing us who we are and how we need to be. What a wonderful story. Thank you