Deborah Pardes
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#TellYourStory | Have you ever walked away from something important in protest?

It's standing up for what you believe in sometimes has a cost. And I wanted to post a prompt today asking you if you've ever left an opportunity or a situation in protest, even at the expense of your own career, your own stability, your own future, as it would be perceived as when you walk away from a career. Have you ever done this in any capacity?

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leda mccorn
@thechickenking · 0:41
Anyway, I did my stupid little interview, and I was very, very bad at it. But I had a friend who was applying for the same job, and I'm like, okay. And I looked at them and I'm like, by the way, you should hire this guy because he's amazing. And literally everyone was like, whoa. I don't know. They clearly weren't going to hire me
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 3:06
I mean, I probably wanted out of that job anyways, but I mean, just that initial confrontation, I'm not really a confrontational person, but having to just be like, having to be like this had to be done. And I'm sorry, but I have to stick to what I agreed to and the honest approach here. Yeah, it was pretty awful
Deborah Pardes
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But you didn't flinch. It seems like you needed to do this and maybe there was ways to do it differently, but that doesn't matter because you did what you did and then ultimately it landed changing the course of your career and your life. But that's so what this whole prompt really sort of stirred in me, which is we don't know what decisions we make that are going to shape our convictions, sort of our moral compass and how we move through life
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 4:58
I had been in nursing leadership for 17 years, and I at one point said my position of self actualization was to be a vice president of a health system. However, I would follow it by, I could easily see myself obtaining and achieving that position and doing it for maybe a week, if not less than, and saying, okay, I acquired the title. It was great, I'm done
Swell Team
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Yurleidy Adams
@Goddess1212 · 2:05
You. In my case, I had to let go of a relationship of seven years. A relationship where I was gaslighting, where there was a lot of unfair things that happened. We had. We have a six year old where I was the one who fight for her, take care of her. I was the one who always fight for the relationship, tried to fix it, tried to mend it, and always forgiven. It came to a point where I realized that I lost myself