In times of Covid, is it still a good idea to be an ENTREPRENEUR?

You're not as flexible. You don't feel that you could fail and get back to your feet. Because if you fail in a company, it's hard afterwards with references. And actually, I find that we've covered plenty of things that you can do as an entrepreneur. And yes, if you continue following me, I'll tell you what can be done. And I'm about to say it's also in French. I'll see you very soon on Friday. Bye

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I was able to look around and make decisions and be more nimble. I think Cove is a similar situation where so many people sort of lost their footing and their business Pardes no longer meant anything, and they lost so much of what they had. But I think to your point, the spirit of an an entrepreneur so different than the spirit of someone who wants to work for a company. And both are so important for the fabric of our society. We need those who are visionary and risk takers
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How much runway do you need to take off?

Is the business sustainable? Is there enough of a problem to be solved? And have I given myself enough time, effort, energy and resources? Because if I'm short on any one of those four factors, I'll run out of runway and have a collision, have an accident and have to close because if I don't give myself enough time to be able to go through the learning curve to adapt to the market, I'll run out of runway