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Swellings, swellites, swell. People, Swellers. Swell dwellers. Swell. Isn't this well, isn't this well, I like that. You can push the button and just let it go and it just keeps recording. Okay. So, yeah. What's good? Colin Flynn here. Iowa, USA, Cedar, Avids. To be specific. Yeah. So it's probably more than you need to know already. Let's just roll with that. Let's just do that thing

#Iowa #cedarrapids #intro

Unity Eagle
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Welcome my fellow #sweller 🤣

But welcome to Swell. All other OGS of Eagle Version One are here indeed because the experience on this app feels so similar to what we had on Ankle version One, so hopefully you will have a blessed, but I'm sure you will. Bye
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That's all good to hear your voice. I hope things are well, there in the Netherlands for you. I'm sure you're doing well. At least I hope you are. So you sound fine. Is what I'm trying to say. This is strange doing this again, but it's good
Unity Eagle
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@GeorgieDee @ColinFlynn #blockfeature

Oh, yes, Colin. Fortunately, we don't have a blog feature yet, I said, but I think they will introduce it very soon if you catch my drift. Oh, and Georgie, yes, you know me. It sounds pornographic. Like I always sound
Vincent Strader
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Swell as

There are no swellites in my favela. Isn't that swellites? Hello, sir. Hello, ladies. Good to hear your voices in this discussion of what shall we swell at each other? Yes. So many puns to be had. And it has just begun. Ciao for now
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What the swell is going on? Yeah, lots of possibilities
Ray Garraud
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Hey Colin!

Hello, Colin. Welcome aboard the swell train. Good to hear you here. And you are now officially a swell dweller, aka a Sweller out of. I just made that up. I'm just add living here. I'm just making things up as I go. But anyway, I haven't made this swell yet. I'm afraid if I make too many swells, I might get swollen anyway. Let me quit while I'm here. I'll catch you later. Be safe
Jeff Ford
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Upvote "Swelliens/Swellians"

Hey, welcome to Swell. My personal favorite is Swellyn's. Maybe even with an I-E-N-S. Instead of what you might think because it's aliens. Swellites. I don't know. That was kind of fun. Swellites or Swell? Casters is another possible choice there, but welcome to Swell. Good to see another voice
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Like Orwell?

The grounded geek. I like that. I do swellites, like, swellites with the I-E-N. Thing. I kind of like that. Yeah. I think we should roll with that. Good talking, you dude
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Hello Ray!

I wish there was a little more traffic. I remember when the V One anchor days, when it was just hopping all the time, at least a lot of nights you could get on and there's a lot of back and forth, but maybe it'll pick up. I think they've done a pretty good job with this, the way it's laid out the design and everything, and maybe they'll get some kind of traction and get a little bit of stuff happening
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Hi, Colin. Welcome. Missouri. Over here. It's nice to see you in here