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The Social Dilemma - a documentary about the ways social media is ruining us? (Coming to Netflix Wednesday)

Now again, it's called The Social Dilemma, and if any of you do end up checking this out, we don't record the episode until Sunday or Monday. So if you check this out before then and you respond, would love to hear if you have any thoughts on the documentary after watching it. Alright. That's all I got. Thanks everyone


phil spade
@Phil · 0:35
They always do a great job, but I'm really looking forward to this. This is really a must watch for me. So as soon as I see it, I'll post back and let you know what I think
Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 3:21
But now somebody who follows the tech community and has for a very long time, a lot of what was in there wasn't really news to me, but what was interesting was watching former execs from Google and Twitter and Facebook sounding the alarm Bell that if nothing is done, if there isn't some sort of intervention and regulation, this will lead to what many of us are already suspecting, maybe too late for. And that's a civil conflict, a civil war, a breakdown of our society