Chi Anonï

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What Do Voices Do For You ?

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"…When you're cold. Do you need an icebreaker? My name is Chianonymous or Chianani. And my question, first of all is, what do voices do for you, as well as what gains or who gave you the audacity to use your voice? And this is not to be condescending. It's a legitimate question. What gives you the strength and what enlightened you to use your voice.…"



Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 1:36

"…The movie where McCauley Culkin has a talk boy. I had bought a talk boy, and my mom had got it for me for Christmas, and it just did something different for me. It was cool to come up with skits and sketches and all this sort of stuff so I can remember always kind of doing something with voice. Then I got into rap music. So I was making beats and rapping on my beats and stuff. And then there were social audio apps and Yahoo voice chat.…"

How about yourself? @Chi_Anonymous


Chi Anonï

@Chi_Anonymous · 2yr ago · 1:47

"…I don't want to say officially this is how it happened. But let's say I'm watching Rugrats, and then my mom comes downstairs and she flips the channel and it's a different world. And we're watching Increase summers on the screen. She's like, that's the voice of Susie. I'm like what just different things. I noticed voices can be used in a vast number of ways. I love cartoons to this day.…"

@Wuandurful Im googling Talkboys lol  ?


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Izzy S-L

@Izzy · 2yr ago · 3:39

"…But I think because I literally became a full formed being from within her body, her voice is very impactful to me in a very positive way, like whenever I find myself in immense despair or in crisis, I yearn to hear her voice, and it's so positively impactful to me to hear her voice in whatever extent it is to whatever extent that I do, I find myself wanting to call her or I ask her to send me a voice message or something like that, just so that I can hear her voice.…"


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 3:11

"…I think you have a bit more comfortability of inflection with audio, whereas with video you have to pay attention, you have to constantly look up. Or maybe you don't look up. But the fact that you're looking at something where, you know people are going to look back at you there's this added pressure to address the camera, whereas with a microphone, you can face the direction of it, but it doesn't matter how you're dressed.…"

Thank you for refreshing ideas. @Chi_Anonymous


Chi Anonï

@Chi_Anonymous · 2yr ago · 1:30

"…I feel like I tend to hold communication in high regard, and communication is not necessarily solely based on your voice, but I think the fact that we're able to carry so much for me personally, I personally identify, and I know I keep saying personally, it's redundant, but in my own experience, voices just have a weight to them. There's pain, there's emotion. I don't know how to. There's a certain body language, even without the body invoices.…"

@Izzy that was prettyful Lol.


Chi Anonï

@Chi_Anonymous · 2yr ago · 1:53

"…Thank you. I really do appreciate it. And I concur with everything you stated because I feel like it becomes performative to a degree, to be on camera and have to look a certain way as well as a mode, a certain way and the combination of the two. I feel like there's less freedom. I feel like you're more internally thinking, but maybe because I'm an overthinker. It's just like I'm not doing all that. Plus, I'm lazy.…"

@Wuandurful I forgot, I looked them up (Talkboys). They’re cute lol


D Pardes

@GivingVoice · 2yr ago · 1:14

"…And I think we're just right for this kind of communication because I feel like social media has sort of balanced us in a weird way because we've been leaning so heavily on everything else, the rich media, the animation, the digital list, the quippy pungent, 40 characters. But here we are. Here we are talking. So it's really a very satisfying thing. Thanks for your post. Bye.…"

Here we are!


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 3:55

"…And again, I made so much rap, so I was battling myself, and I was making a beat with my mouth. So I was using multiple devices to record. So I record one thing and I use another tape recorder to record what I just recorded. So I was making whole symphonies of just lameness. I can't remember my friend started thinking I was very weird. I would call girls and play the recording. And this was when screen came out.…"

Your voice is nice but you already knew that. 👀 @Chi_Anonymous


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2yr ago · 2:28

"…And that's why voices are pretty cool. I'm not sure that's why I ended up saying things like it's three a you're listening to WNur 89.3 Evanston, Chicago. The new music F hat. But that's a story for another time.…"



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