Chi Anonï
@Chi_Anonymous · 0:10

What’s your determining factor of a response ?

What determines the questions you respond to, and swell. Furthermore, do you listen to the context they give, or do you solely read the description


phil spade
@Phil · 1:48

Yes, absolutely listen!

Hi, she for me, it really is a matter of, you know, can I add any value to the conversation, or do I have another question? Am I confused about something that I heard? Or do I have a follow up up question to what was said that gets for me to reply to as well? And then on top of that, I will say that depending on my mood that will kind of vary it as well
Neal Damiano
@NealD · 1:55
I'm just looking for response and like again to generate interesting conversation off of fun content. And that's my main goal and hopefully it will develop eventually. But I'm just finding the response rate a little bit slow and hopefully it will pick up
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

Chi Anonï
@Chi_Anonymous · 1:40
Thank you both for your response. To answer my own question. I typically will read the description and then, based on the description alone, I would determine if I'm going to answer or not. And more recently, I saw a question that I already determined I'm not going to answer, but I listened to the context, and once I heard it, it completely changed my interpretation of the question
Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 1:21
My answer is pretty similar to what's already been said. If I have anything of value to contribute. For instance, if I see a sports related swell, you're going to hear nothing out of me. I don't watch sports. I don't know anything about sports. And so therefore there's nothing about that conversation that's going to draw me in. And I don't think I have anything of value to add. So I'll just stay away from stuff like that
Chi Anonï
@Chi_Anonymous · 0:20
When you speak to value in a conversation, are you attributing that to a new point of view? Or is each experience distinct in its own, even if it's similar, like what determines the value of a response
D Pardes
@GivingVoice · 1:19

Affirming you in this example

What determines the value of a response. I just listened to this thread, and I wasn't going to chime in until this question because I felt like I wanted to attribute the value of that question into the importance of the conversation moving forward. What I love about swell is you never know where they're going, and they can last for months or be reinvigorated months later. And your follow up question made me want to say, yeah, that's right. That's the logical next question here
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 1:03

It’s an "It" Factor to it all. Lol.. best I can explain it. @Chi_Anonymous

My number one determining factor has it piqued my interest that's the number one and I can't explain what exactly does and doesn't. But there have been times where I have answered questions without actually listening to the audio because I guess sometimes it just depends on my mood, but also it's a fun challenge to see how far off or on I am with a particular subject matter, and usually the person can't tell the difference
Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 1:14


If I'm listening, I don't want to come in and repeat what's already been said unless it's to the effect of hey, yeah, I couldn't agree more with you guys and maybe just expand a bit on that. But I usually like, I figure out if I have anything to add that way