Alright. So hello. Welcome to my small cast. My name is Glitzy. G. Well, that's my computer name. But anyway, I have found a new app on Instagram. It's called threads. And I believe that's where I'll be. Come see a about me

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Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Sarita. Great to have you here. And, yeah, people are into threads. It's great. I'm hopeful that it's going to help people stay in connected and in community. And I'm happy that you're here on Swell. I think voice is a real important aspect to all of our conversations. So super to hear you and looking forward to what you have to bring here
Ranganathan INBARAJ
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Ranganathan INBARAJ
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It's so wonderful to see people of this nature speaking out matter. It's very blank and good. It helps to get connected with this multicultural attitude or habits. And I'm from India and I would like to people loving people around the world and make people peaceful and be an instrumental for this spreading of human love. Yeah