Differences & Similarities between a Poet, a Philosopher, Literary Expert & a Saint!

But having said that, the larger message being that how come something as small and as minuscule as a dew drop goes on to even attempt to encapsulate the whole universe in itself in however small a sample, you get the proportions I'm putting forth here. Sure

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Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 1:47
And I think the unique thread that connects all is the consciousness. And it is basically the consciousness trying to express itself in myriad ways. Yeah? So that's what I would like to add here. Thank you so much
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:30
When you're dropping into the indulgences of looking at everything at such a macro and micro level at the same time, it's beautiful and choose to take it as a climate around me, as an environment, as an atmosphere rather than a pointed idea. It makes me feel much more held. So thank you both for creating the space
Dr. G
@Dr.G · 2:54


And I think that we're kind of stuck in the middle as human beings, because you can go either direction. It's not just seeing the cosmos in that dew drop. It's going the other way and seeing tinier and tinier and tinier. How far into tiny can we see? We can now see an individual atom, which is just mind boggling, just like we can now see the edges, so to speak, of the known universe. How many?
Dharmin Chanda
@bombayblues · 1:59


Hey Shrija words cannot fully capture the depth of gratitude I feel for the extraordinary insights you've shared regarding the profound nature of consciousness. Your perspective on how consciousness manifests itself in countless intricate ways is aweinspiring and has left an indelible impact on my own understanding
Dharmin Chanda
@bombayblues · 2:08


Thank you for sharing your exceptional insights and being a part of this transformative exploration. With utmost appreciation and admiration. I'd quickly like to re encapsulate your remarkable response, which beautifully embodies the essence of surrendering to the vast complexity of the cosmos without seeking to master it. Your words resonate with a profound wisdom that acknowledges the intricate dance of existence and the humbling realization that some aspects of the cosmos are simply meant to be embraced rather than fully understood
Dharmin Chanda
@bombayblues · 0:52


Your words have reignited a sense of wonder within me and deepened my appreciation for the boundless marvels that surround us. Thank you very much. Look forward to more meaningful conversations with
Dr.khushboo chauhan
@Fragrance · 0:37


Hello, Dharmin. Blissful morning to you. I hope you are fine. So, first of all, thank you so much that you have invited me on this wonderful swell of yours. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And how beautifully you have narrated everything. Each and every point that you have mentioned. And beautiful, like, I don't have words to explain to express my thoughts over it. So I just say, keep up the good work. Thank you so much
Jude D'Souza
@Judeld11 · 0:57

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Hi there Main. Thank you for inviting me. I'd say the dew represents the poet and the saints and their freshness of perspectives and ability to enrich people's lives motivating to face a new dawn of the day. The grass Thames is the philosophy bellowing under the weight of the saint and poets weightage of thought. The grass is the literary expert smoking to contain the dew or poet and saints values or profound thoughts in his works
aamna singh
@Aamna · 3:33


When you see it in the face and you say it's a less till grace, that's where you don't have to say the untold. You observe silently and stay bold. So I think that would be my definition when it comes to saying that how a poet, a philosopher, a literary expert or a saint differs. So thank you and stay connected
Smita Ruth S
@SmitaRuth-24 · 0:55
At times, dewdrop just make me feel that they have come just risen the dust of the world. Or at times when I see dewdrops, it just reminds me to calm myself and find acquaintance. Sweet silence