The rise of the bias virus

The next would be automation bias. Again, when AI reply or rely too heavily on systems that override judgment or intuition. So if the doctor uses AI to determine medical conditions, they may be more likely to trust the system diagnosis rather than they're in observations. And then there's proximity bias. Again, location based. If you're using AI to allocate public resources in a region, it may favor certain geographic regions over others. Survivorship bias

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:39

Coded Bias - doc on Netflix

It's so fascinating how sometimes you think your devices are listening to you. But in this case, the Swell world is listening because I had just started the Netflix show about coded bias. I'm going to do the link here, but you're absolutely right. And I went to my chat GPT and I asked it. I said ten ways AI could be biased. And it took talks about data bias, algorithmic bias, sampling bias
Bob Hutchins
@BobHutchins · 3:09


Yeah, you're absolutely correct on this as well. Your response is, I'm going to have to watch the Netflix show. It sounds fascinating, so thanks for pointing that out. But I think the bigger question that maybe people are curious about is how do these models gather and determine the output that leads to such bias and generative intelligence?
Erica Jean
@HeyItsErica · 2:20


I have to look into that a little bit more. But it's something that I kind of glanced at online. And when you mentioned about biases, I'm just thinking since the AI will be programmed more than likely by someone who is not a woman or not a person of color, the AI is only going to do what it's programmed to do. So it's not the technology's fault or anything like that. We have to look to the human who's programming them
Phu Ck
@thatpart · 4:51

Cleverbot trolls me.

But I do understand, though, how all of this can make people feel dependent on their level of comfort with technology. But what's been most important is what I've heard said in this thread is that regardless of how sentient we want these things to be, they were created by people with soft tissue inside of their skull. And I just do not understand how you take that bias out, even if you tried your hardest
Creative Reader
@MoonPoet · 2:11
I'm concerned that we talk about diversity, and it's politically correct to talk about how diverse we are and how we love diversity, but AI is really quite the opposite of diversity because it looks to replicate what's the most frequent. So that's something I worry about, because obviously, if you truly appreciate diversity, because those odd spots are where the beautiful things are, the other thing that concerns me is how we probably will consume AI
Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 2:25
Hey Bob, this is Prabha here from India and I really wanted to swell upon this AI. The topic that you have chosen, the rise of biased virus and I would name it as chaos because this is really spreading a chaos in the human mind. What is AI? It is actually the human driven concept. So it dances to the tunes of human and human has defined it stored something inside which it will react or act upon. But does it have emotions? It has all the features
Reh Dogg
@RehDogg · 3:52

The rise of virus virus also includes cancel culture against us conservatives.

So therefore they wanted to shut me down, shut me up. That is what they wanted to do. So with AI, I say it depends on the company. If they are woke, well, it's going to reflect on woke programming and it's going to block out what it does not like. So that's pretty much my take on that
Phu Ck
@thatpart · 5:00


That is the one thing that I take heart to, that if you are not satisfied with a platform, you are free to go design and build your own. And you see a lot of that happening. For example, that's what Donald Trump did with what is it true social and what have you. And hopefully Swell is going to be another one of those great platforms for whatever reason it was built
Reh Dogg
@RehDogg · 4:29


And I fought it. I said, what hateful thing did I say? And they finally reinstated it. But I don't really use it as much as I did before because it just really angered me that they shut me down for no reason. Facebook and Instagram, I guess Facebook does own Instagram, the same thing. Certain topics, like I put a topic on here about women's sports doing, what do you call it, a petition. They didn't like that they blocked me