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Gaslighting #askswell

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You. Good morning, everyone. I wanted to do an Ask swell today on gaslighting, and I would love to get some feedback on this. I'm going to try to keep this generic so I'm not pointing out things, people, places, people mostly. How what is your reaction to gaslighting?

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Ray Garraud
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So I prefer to just avoid them the best that I can because it's a losing battle with them. They cannot see be your point of view because they choose not to
Erica Jean
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You know what you've said and you know what the person said, but they try to make it seem like you're dreaming it or that it's something else. An example of that is, and this happens with marriages and families sometimes, too, where you're saying something and the person try to make it seem like or you're experiencing something and they make it seem like it's all in your head and that you're being negative or that so I've seen it from that end, too
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@BKFOREMAN69 Gaslighting obstructs progress. #Relationships

For instance, if you catch them at it, they'll say things like, I'm sorry you feel that way. So that's not really an apology, by the way. I'm sorry you feel that way. It's not an apology, just so you know. I know you know. But other people, it's not an apology or that's not how I saw it. Again, not an acknowledgment and not an apology
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It. Honestly, I think the the only tips I have are to just trust yourself. Trust that what you saw, what you heard with your own eyes and ears is truthful. And I would say, dare say, the only comeback for sorry you feel that way would be, well, my feelings are my own and facts are facts. I'm sorry you believe that way and move on
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