Bhaskar Jayaraman

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Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts

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"…Hello any crypto enthusiasts among us here? And is anyone following the Bitcoin trend which has been trending up the last few months? And what's what do you think is in the store for the immediate future with the central banks still keeping interest rates very low, do you think the value of alternate assets like Cryptocurrencies and Gold will continue to keep creeping up? I would love to hear your thoughts.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 1:24

"…And for someone who's not steeped into this all day long, I think I want to ask you a question about your perception of stability in terms of currency and the psychological warfare that goes on in people's minds when they perceive an unstable world and the correlation between what they invest in and how they see stability from the world stage. So I'm just wondering, from your own personal perspective, do you do you have bitcoins?…"

Is it about stability?


Bhaskar Jayaraman

@Bhaskar · 2yr ago · 2:12

"…A lot of people in the past have been using real estate as a store of value, but Bitcoin IP provides a much more liquid form of store value. It's IPO in the future. More and more adoption taking place, though there might always be concerns being raised around it being used for purposes other than or other to hide the true intention behind the transactions, as can be done with stuff like we've seen on the Dark Web.…"


Samuel Lacuna

@Sarlax · 2yr ago · 2:51

"…It's completely secure and anonymous. What is the economic activity for which it is better than the dollar other than very illegal international things like human smuggling, major drug trafficking? Is there any reason why crypto is better than the dollar for buying a car, paying rent or bordering burger? Unless some sort of fundamental condition changes? I don't see crypto taking off as a medium of exchange.…"

The case for crypto as currency?

Deborah Pardes

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"…Hey, Samuel, I'm hoping you could re swell your response because I can't hear it? Hoping you get this.…"


Swell Team

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Bhaskar Jayaraman

@Bhaskar · 2yr ago · 4:07

"…Hi, Deborah. You just have to turn the volume all the way up and you can hear what Samuel is talking about. And Samuel, I think you are perhaps partially right in terms of in terms of how crypto doesn't replace traditional Fiat currency in that governments cannot apply their control over cryptocurrency the way they do with Fiat using regulatory mechanisms for undecided monetary policy.…"

phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 3:41

"…Hey, BOSCAR, you know, I wanted to rebump this swell here and just ask you. I've been following Bitcoin for years and just I don't quite know still what to make of it, but the more money that we are printing and by printing, I mean, it's just a few keystrokes here. I just worry about inflation and the amount of money that has been printed in the last year, I think, is about 20% of the overall money supply.…"

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