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Hi, swell. Casters, this is Bethany. I am on the board for hire. That is the hub for integration, reentry and employment. And today is the very first resource fair and job fair air for Second Chance hiring. I am a TV producer by trade, and I've produced for a plethora of different networks. And I wanted to start a small cast on Second Chances, Restorative Justice and what that means. There are people here who've been lining up since 830 this morning

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Deborah Pardes
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There's also a few people coming on from that world as well to be a part of the conversation, to kind of do an afterglow of what happened yesterday at the summit. So I'm so appreciative
Bowie Rowan
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And so a question I have and would love to hear some responses to our conversation around what the biggest hurdles in taking a restorative, justice and second chance approach are at this moment in 2022, and also anything about what opportunities there are to kind of continually improve how we offer more restorative, justice and second chance approaches. Thank you for that
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Deb, thank you so much for replying with such a really beautiful and meaningful response. You know, some people automatically just get really on edge, and we bring up restorative, justice, and a lot of that just comes from misconceptions and antiquated values and theories and perception. I would really recommend for you to check out higheroc that is hireoc. They have an advocacy committee. They have a juvenile committee. They have a women's committee
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What will help reduce crime is funding opportunities, allowing people to have access to resources, whether that's mental health, making sure people aren't housing, insecure, food insecure, providing stability for basic needs. And I'm not trying to push a political agenda by any way, shape or form. But that's the reality. The police don't prevent crime. They show up after it happens. And I'm going to go and get someone who can authentically tell you what the hurdles are
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So it's concerned with them accepting responsibility, but in a way that lets them make it right as much as they can, either directly to their victim or to the community. And it's a lifelong process for most of us. It's amazing. Thank you so much
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Okay, so I wanted to give you an update on how fabulous this event is. There was someone who came who is homeless today. Like, doesn't have a place to go home to or asleep. They'll be sleeping rough. And we were just able to get them housing today. This is what it means to be community. This is what it means to give back. And this is what it means to create a safe and healthy environment for all of us
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Welcome to Swell!

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New York is going to stay where New York is that I haven't been in once in a year, so I'm loving it. But at the end of the day, they try to do more for other people than you do for yourself. The only way I found value in my life going, I made my message to a message I was able to detox of 140 milligrams of bethanyj. I'm a child of two junkies that actually died of AIDS. I was born on bethanyj
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And one of the coolest coffee shops that I have ever been to is here. And it's called Shebrews. And it was created by a woman who was formerly incarcerated. And she started this coffee shop with the dream of having it be a place where other formerly incarcerated women could come and work and learn a skill and have community and be supported so that they wouldn't fall back into the cycle of incarceration
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So I world like to see it in society where society but society to me, it seems like has become less forgiving now than even it was 20 years ago, 30 years ago. Because all of the programs they used to have programs out there that were all over the country that were really designed I'm from California, so they had all these programs in California that were designed to help people coming out of prisons and jails and stuff and trying to get their lives in order