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Hyperrealism is Trending


"…After all, I'm just sort of spitballing here, but I definitely think popular artists is representative of society's desires and needs in some way. And I think hyper realism is representative of our desires and needs right now for some reason, whatever that may be.…"

Hypperrealistic art is getting a lot of attention. Why do you think that is? #arts #visualart #tiktok


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 2:49

"…And all those narratives in our head. And art is the place where you can elevate your experience. And maybe this hyper realism is saying, look how freaking beautiful we are, look how amazing we are, no filter, no filter. And you look at the picture you posted. I mean, she's just stunning, and her eyes just kind of invite me to just say, yeah, you are beautiful. And you've seen it all and tell me your story.…"

Getting real


Hyperrealism is Trending

@arts · 2yr ago · 4:28


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