Inspiring People Have Stories That Influence GOOD. I had a fun experience just now interviewing a climate leader bad@ss.

And I won't get too wonky here. You can follow me on my other platforms if you're interested. But all that is to say that when you've been monitoring climate action and leadership and hoping and beyond hoping and praying that leaders are going to start to actually act and be proud of acting, it's fantastic to talk to people like Catherine Atkin. And she's headed to Cop 28. And so we talked a little bit about that

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Deborah Pardes
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And I just also got a text from Jordan, so I know that you are happy to be here and I'm so happy you found us. So. So let's continue this conversation and let's bring more people in. Really, really excited for all the implications that this has. For sure. I'd like to learn more about this specific conversation you had and what it means for us. Thanks