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Incoming deluge

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"…One of the things that I like about Square is the simplicity in connecting with like minded people and thoughts. My question is, when you face a deluge of incoming mass adoption, how do you then retain the same simplicity? And the reason for this is my experience with Clubhouse, which I joined about a year or so before.…"

Roadmap for mass adoption?


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2mo ago · 4:15

"…And you want growth and you want expansion, but you also want to build into the architecture of the platform the capacity to always have singular, beautiful, intimate connection, but not to create silos and echo chambers. So it's like the venting process. You have this beautiful space, but you have all the ability to leave and come in as you feel as necessary for you to enjoy the growth aspect of it while still keeping that intimacy. This can be achieved in so many ways through the user experience.…"

Slow deliberate growth


Lance Watson

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"…Ayan and Deborah rev LJ. This is a fascinating conversation, one that I've given myself space to consider. I came to Swell off the back back of Clubhouse and Anchor as well. Did some exploratory stuff back in day with other chat and audio social media platforms before it was really a thing. And I will say this, that part of my apprehension was knowing that with mass adoption or with rapid adoption, it brings about changes, right?…"

@aayanman @DBPardes: my remote…


Aayan Banerjee

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"…Debra, first up, yes, you are pronouncing the name correctly. It is Ian. Kind of rhymes with Ryan or lion, so that's a reference point. Yes, I'd love to hear perspectives of of the founders as well. Clearly, scalability is where the challenges it's the sweet spot, it's the desirable state to be in. But scalability tests every single thing and when you have a mass audience suddenly jumping onto the bandwagon, then can't just the flood gets open.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Arish Ali

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"…So this is not something we are going into with the rise chart we have put in both architecturally, from a process perspective, things that we will need to do to ensure we don't sacrifice quality and really the culture that we are building on. So as you scale up and you have a lot more users coming to the platform, there's obviously a degradation in terms of overall content quality or average content quality if you will, just because of the sheer volume.…"



Aayan Banerjee

@BasTalk · 2mo ago · 1:23

"…Visa WhatsApp? Voice message. I often see the voice function not being used in WhatsApp to leave a message. It's not as prevalent as I thought. I might be wrong on this though. So I was just curious to know how would Swell differentiate this particular aspect that people can say well, I can address a message to the group, I can leave a specific message for a specific specific individual and we can continue a conversation. So then why use well, just curious.…"

Arish Ali

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"…The conversations that happen are very different in different in content and different in emotions and different in how much trust you have when you listen to somebody. When it's purely audio back and forth, it changes that. And that's kind of the need, I think, that really accomplishes by focusing exclusively on short form audio. The community that is coming up as well is very different than the community that you find on other platforms. And that is what our users tell us as well.…"



Incoming deluge

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